10 content ideas to help you to tell your story on social media

When I ask my 1:1 clients what their biggest social media struggle is, generating content ideas is definitely up there. Having enough content ideas to sustain your social feeds throughout the year, let alone the next month, can feel like a pipe dream. But help is on the way!

Building an emotional connection with your audience is absolutely key. As I explained in this blog post, part of nurturing your community and building an engaged customer base comes from being vulnerable and honest with your audience. That doesn’t mean you commence a DMC (deep and meaningful conversation) every day, it simply means being a little bit more open and inviting your audience to get to know you and your business.

Social media content ideas for small & independent businesses

Every small and independent business owner has a story to tell, even if at first glance you feel like you have nothing to say. Social media does not have to be all about selling and if you feel like your channels are making you sound like a market vendor, then keep reading! In this blog post, you will find some content ideas to help you tell your story on social media (with some examples!) that will hopefully nurture your community and build your brand.

Social media content idea #1: Re-introduce yourself and/or your business

When was the last time you told your audience who you are, what you do and what your business is all about? Re-introducing yourself to your followers (especially if you have gained some recently!) is a brilliant way to increase engagement on your platform and put your business at the forefront of people’s minds. From experience, these posts perform really well and you might find a lot of day one followers resurface.

TIP: Include a clear photo of yourself in the post and invite your audience to introduce themselves in the comments! Here’s a post I did to re-introduce myself over on @sophie_etc, my Milton Keynes food and lifestyle blog. It got a huge amount of engagement and people were brilliant at introducing themselves in the comments! I felt like I got to know my audience a bit better and they found out some fun facts about me too.

Social media content idea #2: Tell people why you started your business

There is a story behind every business and whilst you think yours might not be the most exciting, your audience is still likely to find it inspiring. Who knows, you might inspire someone else to start their own business…

TIP: If your ‘why you started your business’ story is too long to fit into one post, you could turn it into a series of posts. Each week, pick a specific day to share the next stage of your business journey. This keeps your audience coming back for more and is one less piece of content to think about each week. You could also repurpose this into a video.

Social media content idea #3: Share a challenge you have overcome and share the lessons you learned

Relatable, vulnerable content is a key way to build an emotional connection with your audience. Everyone has had to overcome a challenge to get where they are today, so don’t feel like you can’t share it on social media. Too often social media is too perfect and a little too curated, only showing everyone’s highlights. By sharing a moment when things weren’t so hunky dory, it humanises your business a little bit more and proves that even the most successful businesses have had to face adversity.

Social Media content idea #4: Introduce your team members

If you have a team behind you, get them on your social media feeds! This is a great way to show the faces behind your business, especially if they are customer-facing. It makes your audience feel way more connected to you as a business as they know who they are going to meet or encounter if they work with you or visit you. I recommend turning this into a series whereby you introduce a team member in their own post.

TIP: State the team’s name, job title and share a fun fact. This mini ‘Meet the team’ campaign from Kuku Coffee House linked online with offline by telling their audience to ask a question if they were served by a particular member of the team. That way, they would have known they came from social media!

Social media content idea #5: Share a behind the scenes video

Showing the process behind your work is a brilliant way to connect your audience to your services or products. This could be a time-lapse of you working on a design project, packing orders, making your products, hosting a call… The list of behind the scenes videos you could create are endless! Any process that your customers don’t usually see will definitely pique their interest.

TIP: Instagram Reels is a fantastic format for behind the scenes videos. These kinds of videos require minimal editing and can be kept to less than 30 seconds. Whack trending audio on top of your Reel with a caption like, “Ever wondered how I do [THIS SPECIFIC ACTIVITY]?” Try and share one or two of this type of content a month!

Social media content idea #6: Showcase your products in situ

I am talking directly to the product based businesses that use e-comm imagery on their social media platforms… Yep, the ones with the plain, transparent backgrounds. There’s nothing wrong with using them every so often, but your audience is MUCH more likely to be tempted to buy your product if they see it being used how it’s meant to be used.

TIP: Write down all the different situations your product is designed to be used in and work on creating imagery for each one. You might need to enlist the help of family and friends or additional props, but it’s so important to have a bank of interesting and engaging images of your products.

Social media content idea #7: Share your milestones and achievements from the past year or since you started your business

How often do you shout about how great you are on your social media platforms? Don’t be afraid to share your achievements with the world! Whether it’s an award win, new premises, a new team member or even a new piece of equipment, share it. Your audience will love celebrating along with you!

TIP: These posts should have a more personable tone of voice. This post from Wharf Distillery announces their new premises in Towcester and got a huge amount of engagement. It was written as if it was a letter coming directly from the business owners and signed off with their names and thanked people for their support.

Social media content idea #8: Answer a frequently asked question (FAQ)

If you find yourself answering the same question in your direct messages or in the comments, turn it into a piece of content. Social media is all about creating value for your audience. By answering FAQs in your content, you come across as being helpful and your audience is much more likely to engage with your content. It also frees up your inboxes from questions!

TIP: If you are getting asked the same questions, set up an auto-response directing people to an FAQ page on your website or an Instagram story highlight called FAQs where you answer everything people want to know.

Social media content idea #9: Share your opinion on an industry issue

Have you ever heard of the term ‘thought leadership?’ It means that you become part of or influence a narrative by understanding what needs to be done. If there is a specific issue affecting your business or your industry, be assertive and share your thoughts on it, especially if it is not a well-known issue. Some may disagree and say that social media is not a place to be discussing wider issues, but if it is affecting you, it is likely to be affecting your audience too. It’s another way to humanise your social media content and show your expertise.

TIP: Make sure you do your research if you are quoting stats and included references to where you found them. Be balanced and assertive with your opinion and be ready for people to discuss what they think in the comments.

Social media content idea #10: Share a how-to or tutorial

I am a big fan of social media content that inspires audiences to go and DO something that isn’t continuing to scroll on social media. DIY, tutorials or how-tos make great inspiring content for your channels. Think recipes, crafts and hacks.

TIP: Use your how-to to promote your product! Wharf Distillery sell delicious spirits but not everyone knows how to serve them. They created a Reels series of #CocktailsByWharfDistillery to inspire their audience with easy to make cocktails using their spirits.

I hope you found these social media content ideas useful and that they inspire you with different ways to tell your story on social media.

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